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Lemon seedling turning yellow and stopped growing

Yes, the phenomenon is called chlorisis, and is very common for Citrus species when you use calcareous soil or soil with a high pH or you are watering using calcareous tap water. Such conditions leads ...
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Excess Zinc in garden soil

Just remove any obvious metals from your garden and don't worry overmuch about the soil test result. It does not indicate plant available zinc. I farm next to a steel mill and my soil test results are ...
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14k gal/week irrigation system design -- am I missing anything? Who can I pay to review it?

So, first you need to know what the well can sustain for output. No point designing for 18 GPM if the well recharge rate is 15, 10, 5 or 1 GPM, unless you insert a huge storage tank. If it's more than ...
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