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I'm not sure how Dawn specifically interacts with holly, but people mix dish soap into water (and other stuff) to spray on vegetables (to get rid of insects, powdery mildew, and such), and it doesn't seem to bother the plants terribly. I wouldn't think it would hurt your plants. It might be better to do it when the sun isn't shining, though.


Yes, it shouldn't be a problem. This particular variety has a natural tendency to grow in a pyramid shape, and hollies generally exhibit strong apical domination, so the removal of the central leader just means another one or two will appear. This variety is said to get between 15 and 20 feet tall, with a spread of 8-15 feet.


If you want to try to regrow the lower branches, instead of removing branches entirely try to locate a dormant bud (much) closer to the trunk and prune back to there. Buds closer to the trunk are kept dormant by chemical signals from the buds further out--removing the further out buds often wakes up the dormant buds. If you really, really want to regrow them,...


I live in a region where Norway spruce grows wild, and in my experience, the lower shaded branches shedding their needles and dying is perfectly normal for these trees. For the tree, there's no point in keeping these branches alive when the same energy and nutrients can instead be directed towards the upper branches that receive more sunlight. Here's a nice ...


Once the needles turn brown or fall off a branch, regeneration will not take place, though you may find growth at the tips of those branches. Probably the best thing to do is remove the affected branches at the base leaving a clean trunk - hopefully this won't notice because of the shrubs around it. Loss of the lower branches is not that unusual - we have a ...


Spider mites attack lower branches , starting near the trunk of spruce trees. Dormant oil should control them but it may require a few applications months apart, They are tiny and you have to look very closely and magnification helps. To get to the center of the tree I have taken the sprayer in to the trunk of the tree and sprayed rather than try to spray ...

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