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What is the best way to channel an electricity cable under the lawn?

Depending where you are, you often have a minimum burial depth, which in my area depends on how you protect the cable. Pouring concrete around/over it reduces the depth it needs to be buried to. As ...
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Snail electric fence material

First of all copper is not a good idea at all as it'll corrode away in such conditions (outdoors complete with water AND electricity) rather fast. Aluminium is a better choice (it's what HV wires are ...
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How to open the motor cover of craftsman electric lawn mower?

That model or a similar appearing model has the battery cover/cowl snap/clip on, so maybe try wriggle it a bit, as any debris shouldn't impede removal too much: the grooves may be spring detents, and ...
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Using electricity to improve plants

I have a little bit of experience with this now. So, I thought I'd post my results, so far. I haven't had much to work with besides Hulda Clark zappers, though (and they're not what other people have ...
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