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That is a giant swallowtail caterpillar! Kind of rare to see them in many places. Don't kill! 💔 They love citrus plants and will not do well switching them to another type of plant. If you know someone who has citrus plants outdoors or live near some orange trees, lemon trees etc. you can move it to the new plant. If you put it on something else it will ...


The plant itself is obviously pretty healthy in the main, evidenced by the new growth. The part that doesn't look too good is on the lower right hand side of the photograph, which has shrivelled brown areas. At this stage, other markings look very like something has been spilt,, splashed, dripped or dropped onto the leaves rather than it being leaf spot; ...


In my experience this is caused by lack of water coupled with hot weather. To get a consistently-size cucumber it needs to have a steady water supply while the fruit is growing. These look as though there was a hot and dry spell just as the fruit was starting and then more water later as the rest of the fruit developed.


It looks like a type of bacterial leaf spot. Avoid getting water on the foliage. Chop off effected leaves and dispose in garbage bin (obviously avoid contact with other plants). Leaf spot typically spreads with excess moisture. It could also be sunburn or frost burn. Frost burn is unlikely, as you would probably expect damage to start from the outside of the ...

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