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Java Palm brown leaf

They do this when lacking water. You want to give them water every other day but also be careful not to overwater. I know catch-22, but just don't over-water, drenching them. I am in zone 5 and just ...
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Black/gray marks on new leaves of hot pepper plant

You have an aphid infestation, certainly greenfly, whitefly and possibly thrips, though there's no twisting of then young leaves and buds yet to indicate thrips. You can spray all parts of the the ...
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Odd pumpkin flower

As far as I have observed, some flowers are green to begin with. Most of the time they turn yellow as they mature. But I still can't find any references. Either way, there is nothing toxic about ...
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What is wrong with my Mother-in-Law's Tongue/ Snake Plant?

I've saved many plants by trimming off the dead and I actually let them grow roots in pure water . Then I replanted them. They are thriving great
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Cactus problem with discolouration

This is about 4' high, and grown from seed in 1983. I can't remember a time when it didn't have those brown marks. Given that they were the only indoor plants I'd ever grown, it didn't occur to me ...
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Should I have our old maple cut down?

Your first step will be to see if the tree has protected status. Depending on the jurisdiction that you live in this may involve your local/ municipal government, your state/ provincial/ county ...
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Cactus problem with discolouration

This is not good. Most certainly because of carbon monoxide concentration being high in your surroundings. How good is your ventilation? Do members in your family tend to sneeze a lot in the morning?
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Should I have our old maple cut down?

You should have your old maple professionally assessed by a qualified arborist. Depending where you are you may have one available to you that's paid by your taxes through cooperative extension or ...
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Why are my Aglaonema's leaves turning yellow rapidly?

Take this answer with a bag of salt at least. In other words: I can't back it up. Problem: the pot is too small. Inside is all a rootball and no soil or nutrients. Solution 1: repot in a larger ...
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