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It could just be the end of growing season. Here in zone 8 ( East TX) the sweet gums are dropping leaves and the sour gums have many red leaves ; our temperatures are typically in the 80's and it has not been dry.


I too suspect it's a Ficus. However, Ficus are known for their vigorous root system. It may develop quickly in one season and clog the drainage hole. The end result is waterlogging which may appear as overwatering. That is not the only factor to inspect. The soil looks too fine, something akin to loam or silt. As said, you will have to check the root system ...


It.just a leafburn as long as new leaves.healthy you dont have to.worry. it often happens in tropical area like my nepentheses because we leave it on dirrect sun


I'm not an expert on curry leaf plants, but it looks like the problem is that it needs fertilizer to me (especially nitrogen), due to the yellowing leaves.

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