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Cherry nutrient deficiency from leaf

Definitely potassium is deficient - burnt edges And most likely Zinc - pale new leaves
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Can Magnesium sulfate be mixed with NPK

NPK in not a composition. However fertilizer applications are relatively dilute compared to the mass of soil to which they are applied , so it is difficult to imagine a problem. Generally not a ...
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What is wrong with my lilac? Strange leaf pattern

If neighbor plants look healthy, then it is probably not chlorosis caused by iron deficiency or other general problems with the soil. As I understand your question, it is not a container plant, and ...
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Container lime tree has discolored new growth

I wonder if the generation of new growth and new flowers/fruit at the same time is simply taxing your small tree in a container. I think you are doing all the right things so maybe watch how the new ...
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Indoor lemon/lime - wilt leaves which yellow and drop

I had a Clementine seedling for years that always dropped most of its leaves every time I brought it outdoors and then again every time I brought it indoors. It was light-related: the tree didn't like ...
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