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Think this rooted?

Looks like your plant has gone through a rough path. It has not one but multiple issues. It is definitely under stress. The leaves are dried and curling which shows that lack of humidity. If there ...
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Can I cut the trees from the middle?

I don't recommend cutting them in half. What will happen to the birches is that they will sprout one or more headers. The conifers will do the same to a lesser degree. From here When trees are ...
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How to encourage the callus on plant cuttings to start growing roots?

When taking cuttings, the mantra is: "Cool tops, misty middles and hot bottoms." This was not my invention, but carried on from years back. The point I guess is, we need positive warmth in ...
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Can you cut a large branch off an old conifer hedge without killing the plant?

It is possible to cut a large branch off an old conifer hedge without killing the plant. However, there are some important things that you should keep in mind such as - Timing: Only prune the plant ...
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How hard can I cut back my Acer platanoides globosum?

From the Hillier website: This variety of Norway Maple has a particularly tight global crown, which is grown and then grafted onto the trunk of a Norway Maple at 2.2m high for the vesicular tissues ...
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Can you propagate comfrey by stems?

I cut the stem that flowered and planted it but it's been several weeks and not sure it's rooted but it's still alive. A few have rotted away. Planted around the end of February/Early March in SW ...
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How to overwinter potted rose-cuttings?

I put a rose cutting in a gallon planter about September.Then I put it in my green house. I watered it every now and then mostly forgetting it. Well come spring I had growth on the rose. The rose is ...
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