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Sounds like a perfect place for cacti. Cactus plants love sunshine all day, a north facing window in your country is ideal. They also give beautiful flowers in spring.


As an anecdotical answer, here's what happened to a slightly smaller undrained pot Φ~=80mm, h~=90mm. I had intended to transfer it to a larger proper pot but that never happened. The red thing is a 0.5 liter beer can for scale. The height of the plant is H~=500mm and the diameter of the fruit is d~=9mm. It is turning yellow now so I expect it to at very best ...


Citrus tree's are micronutrient hogs. The micronutrients are manganese, zinc, iron, copper, boron, molybdenum, chlorine and nickel. A Citrus based fertilizer is in order. Magnesium turns leaves yellow

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