I grow outside hydropnically. and after a couple of years they start to look like small trees. If it freezes I bring them in. Going on 3 years. Green pepper, jalapno, serrano, and poblamo. Peppers year round. Houston. Determinate is for canning. The fruit ripens at the same time. Indeterminate ripens different times throughout the year.


You should prune the suckers; the new branches that are growing out from each node/leafed branch. Those suckers will grow horizontally if you don't pinch them off. Some people like to let the sucker branches grow for MORE fruit, but the fruit will be SMALLER. Personally, I prune all suckers until my single vine tomato plants reach the top of a trellis, ...


Pelargoniums (which is what "annual" geraniums actually are) take more than eight weeks to flower from seed, which is why many gardeners either root cuttings from the previous year or start seeds indoors, in mid-late winter. In fact, this site and this site both give a range of 12 to 16 weeks. Your plants will eventually bloom, but maybe not until ...

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