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Good Trade standard is either agreeing in advance to pay for a skip, or confirming where on site to place the clay. If soil and turf were coming they did an OK job. My experience is in melbourne, but even now I feel you can ask them to move the clay a few metres.


I assume you've already paid for the work, which is unfortunate, because you can't now force him to come back to put things right by withholding some or all of his payment. From the image, it looks as if there might be some left over building materials or general spoil mixed in with the soil too. What I'm concerned about is which layer of clay soil he's ...


Hmmm... clay is a funny thing to work with. It is a perfectly natural type of soil which tends to cling tightly to nutrients so rarely needs fertilizer, and only cracks when it gets very dry. When disturbed, as in digging for foundation for your wall, it fluffs up and takes up more space than it does when settled. Landscaping in clay therefore is an art, and ...

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