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Is it a known phenomenon that clay, silt and sand separate easily in bad tilth with litte humus?

Your observations are indeed correct except that the unwanted (and un-named) phenomenon is not as a result of a lack of humus (which on a separate note does not exist except in a laboratory, but that ...
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Removing clay soil and replacing soil for new sod

Drainage is a touchy one. It might be that just the eight inches is enough. Or you could just wind up with eight inches of wet soil on top of the clay. I would suggest digging down a foot or two in ...
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What evergreens will tolerate alkaline clay soil in USDA zone 4?

I live in zone 5 in a high mountain desert climate in SE Idaho with lots of wind. Our soil is alkaline, usually ranging in the 7.8 - 8 range. If you pour vinegar on our soil, it will start to fizz. ...
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