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When producing multi-variety apples, the usual practices is to do a single bud for each cultivar. By using the same style at the same level in the tree, they are getting equal resources. But easy answer: Try it. Leave enough of the tree below your graft attempt to try again next year if it doesn't take.


I can't identify the lemons you have, but it doesn't matter if you just want to know what kind of lemon tree you'll be growing from seed because they don't come true from seed. You may end up with a huge, thorny tree that doesn't produce fruit for years, or if it does, they'e unpalatable, see here


Perhaps better soil and better drainage is necessary to prevent root rot, I found that with citrus trees there really is a fine balance, if you're going to give them a lot of water you better make sure the light is bright and its super hot out so they can use that water right away, then let them do that for 2-3 days before checking on the soil to make sure ...


I think I've identified the problem. After most of the leaves had dropped off and the remainder wilted, I decided to repot the lemon plant. The longest roots were completely rotten and fell off. What has remained are shallow roots which still seem healthy. I've replanted it into a new soil and water it just to keep the soil moist. I guess, it was a ...

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