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Probably the ph in your water is not good. Keep it between 6.0-6.8 for chilies and see how it changes your plant. Also keep it always moist but drained Tomato fertilizer is good for chilies


First thing to check is if this is due to leaf miners. Commonly miners will create distinct tunnels, but in this case we see patches, not tunnels. Look carefully at all the patches to see if you can see evidence of larvae inside the leaf chewing at the interior layer of cells. If that does not apply, the nature of the damage appears to be an over-richness of ...


I would give them some monopotassium phosphate, in the soil. Phosphorus seemed to help an indoor pepper I had that was in a similar situation. I have a feeling that calcium nitrate might help, too, as it's supposed to boost production, and calcium strengthens plants. I'm recommending this along with (not instead of) the monopotassium phosphate. Calcium ...

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