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A powered saw for quickly cutting trees and limbs.

A powered saw for quickly cutting and limbs. Chain saws work by pulling a loop of chain with sharp cutting teeth on it around the edges of a flat bar. The size of saw is specified by the length of the bar and power of the motor. A 14" bar is the smallest generally available. Chain saws go on up in size to 36+" bars found on the very large saws used by lumberjacks felling mature trees. A 16" or 18" bar is reasonable size for most homeowners.

Electric saws are available. They tend to be small and underpowered. A good bow saw may be more effective.

Working with a chain saw is hazardous. Make sure that your saw's safety features are in place and functional before every use. Wear protective clothing when using a chain saw.

A chainsaw is a high maintenance device. Two cycle gasoline motors are finicky about fuel and lubrication. As you use the saw it generates lots of chips and dust that find their way into the motor area. The cutting chain also needs to be regularly sharpened and retensioned for safe and efficient cutting. Expect to spend 1hr on maintaining the saw for every 3-4 hrs of cutting wood.