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This is a healthy Beaucarnea recurvata commonly known as ponytail palm, and no, it's not a bonsai. These are slow growing plants - they do best in bright daylight, with some sunlight if possible. Favoured temperature is around 70 deg F, though they will tolerate quite low temperatures. The bulbous bit at the bottom of the plant stores water, but you should ...


i just got my cottonwood bonsai today and so far it is pretty easy to wire and prune. But i noticed that the concave cutters where probably the best tool to use on this assortment of tree.


This topic has been much discussed in Bonsai circles producing a wide variety of opinions. The goal is to have something with very sharp drainage but at the same time to hold enough nutrient-carrying moisture to keep the Bonsai growing comfortably without excess. A material such as turface, used on playing fields so that in rain downpours the surface ...

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