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How can I regulate lettuce indoors so it doesn't bolt/flower?

Control the lighting so it never exceeds 12 hrs. And keep it cool, below 70 degrees F if you can. Why you growing it indoors though, that's not usually done.
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Eating rhubarb after it's bolted

I don't recall any significant detriment to the flavor of rhubarb from bolting - rhubarb is not lettuce. Most lettuce does turn more bitter when flowering. Last I sampled my bolting kale (from which I'...
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Can you transplant a bolted plant and still get viable seeds?

I guess it somewhat depends on the stage of maturity the seeds have reached. If it was my garden I would say move them now, taking as much root as you can for each and "heel them in" as if you were ...
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Should I cut off the stems of my bolting pak choi?

Bok choy is a cool season crop and bolting is triggered by lengthening photoperiods ( daylight hours exceeding 16 hours, or darkness less than 8 hours for a month ), and temperatures below 55 deg F ( ...
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