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Look like coles - cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli ,brussel sprouts, kale, etc.They need to grow before I could tell them apart; maybe another answer will be more definite.


I grow outside hydropnically. and after a couple of years they start to look like small trees. If it freezes I bring them in. Going on 3 years. Green pepper, jalapno, serrano, and poblamo. Peppers year round. Houston. Determinate is for canning. The fruit ripens at the same time. Indeterminate ripens different times throughout the year.


Maybe just be a bit patient; It takes a couple weeks for them to stabilise; the way they were put in matters too. If the roots were sort of loosened then they should be ok, as long as some good soil is well around them, watered in etc. The tomatoes(likely) & peppers flowering is a good sign, just kept them adequately watered, without ever really drying ...


One summer when I was growing pepper plants I looked down and I see this one little baby pepper plant at the base of one of the big ones. Well I live in Pennsylvania and the winner was rolling around and I was bringing in all of my plants and I wanted to try to keep from dying and as it is getting colder and colder out and frost is coming I just couldn't ...


If you purchased the plants from a box store or from a nursery that does not raise its own stock, then it's possible your plants had too much growth inhibitor applied to them. This link shows a commercial product that is used to treat plants for better shipping. If I'm right, it's possible that the plants will eventually metabolize (if that's the word I want....

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