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Isopropyl alcohol acts as a desiccant and melts the wax that is some insects bodies. It also evaporates so very little remains. It is not absorbed by the plant and washing with water after you harvest is recommended anyway.


In an effort to close this discussion, I noticed that my tomatoes that grew in contact with the concrete below them (have only a small plot of dirt and they grew over onto the cement) had blotchy skins like this, which on further examination extended through most of the flesh of the tomato. I don't yet know why this is the case but when compared to the other ...


You could read the information on your winter wash (but probably too generic, so a "it is possible that"). It depends also on the type of bricks (usually they are clay, so never put acid stuffs on them). Bricks are often porous: you may notice it, that wet brick (rain) are usually much darker. Oil will just attach on them, and it is difficult (and ...


I have had this issue over the last two years in Ohio. I have eliminated white flies, and aphids from my suspects. I am pretty sure the damage I have experiences is from stink bugs.

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