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Questions about how to best cut plant branches.

I have cut off the top of my Yucca elephantipes, and after a few months a new shoot comes from the stem. My question is, is it possible to get more than one shoot? And if yes, how to do that? How can I stimulate the plant to have more shoots (without pruning the new shoot)? …
asked Aug 4 '17 by benn
more compact than your tree is now. The reason is probably, like Bamboo already said, not enough sunlight. Plants tend to get long and thin in search of light. So pruning would help to get your plant fuller and compacter. But if your tree will ever carry fruits, I am not sure. But it is worth a try! …
answered Oct 19 '17 by benn
Bonsai are normal plants or trees, that we find in large in nature. The art of bonsai is to recreate the real tree in a miniature form in a pot. So any (real) tree can be used for bonsai. However, tre …
answered Feb 3 '18 by benn
In theory, if you see dormant knots on the stem, you have a chance that they will form new shoots after pruning. However, you risk that the plant will die if you prune the branches with leaves off at …
answered Jan 22 '18 by benn
What is it that you would like to achieve with pruning? Is it esthetic, or to get your tree to grow taller? Or fuller? Does this plant carry any fruit yet, or is it still too young? Anyways, for … yet, but put it in a larger container. Furthermore, the time of pruning is also important, especially when your plant develops fruits already. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, probably the best time to prune should be early spring (Feb-Apr). …
answered Oct 17 '17 by benn
Yes, it will straighten out. If the trunk becomes twice as thick as now, it will still look a little bit curved (not as much as now), but nothing to worry about. It will of course never be as straight …
answered Apr 15 '18 by benn
tree is thick enough you can put it in a bonsai container and start pruning and shaping it into bonsai. It depends on how large your bonsai container is and how large the tree has to be. For trees of …
answered Sep 27 '18 by benn
Wow, amazing how healthy your plants looks. The container seems to be a bit small already for the size of your plant. A few tips about pruning. First, prune at the right time. This is usually … growth of new branches, which will grow towards the desired height. Also keep in mind to put it in a large(r) enough container, which can support the eventual height. Last point, a general rule of thumb with pruning is to never prune off more than 1/3 of the plant. Some plants may not survive more. …
answered Oct 23 '18 by benn
this plant! It is wise to repot your plant every 2-3 years or so, and it needs a bigger pot for the size it has now. For pruning I suggest you wait until (early) spring. During Fall and Winter time … most plants have a dormant phase, so pruning the branches and propagate the cuttings are best done at the end of this dormant phase (or do you live in the tropics?). Try to prune off the branches …
answered Nov 1 '18 by benn
I don't think pruning is necessary, but it might improve the form of the tree (make it more compact). Yes, I would say 3-4 X larger! Or even bigger. If you decide not to prune, a stake or pole is …
answered Jun 19 '18 by benn
It depends on the plant type. For example with bonsai it is recommended to pinch conifers (pines) instead of cutting them with scissors. The reason is that you can cut needles in half and they will d …
answered Apr 12 '18 by benn