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Compost is organic material which has undergone decomposition by microorganisms and is used as a soil amendment.

filling it until it is full. Like most others, we are in a deep freeze here, too -- -11F currently. A warm up is coming, though, and the compost will unfreeze then. I wouldn't go through the trouble of chipping it out at this point - it will thaw next week for you. …
answered Jan 7 '14 by michelle
diligence required to properly maintain a hot compost pile, meat dairy and other scraps are perfectly fine. Given how common e-coli and other pathogens are, though, and how difficult they are to kill in a … home-scale compost pile, I'd be extremely hesitant to try these. Personally, I do compost bread items and have not yet (knock on wood) had any vermin issues. …
answered Apr 4 '16 by michelle
I'm not familiar with black mulch, but this year, I covered my existing cedar mulch with 2-3 inches of leaf mold. The plants in the beds with the added mulch did wonderfully. The cedar mulch is breaki …
answered Sep 9 '13 by michelle
green tomato relish. Since you've already tilled the tomato plants in to your garden, you could also compost them if you aren't interested in eating them. Some people choose not to compost tomatoes or …
answered Oct 8 '14 by michelle
You could, but it would eventually become kind of a mess. The plastic bags will break apart over time, and the compost will break down, so in a few years time you'll likely have shredded plastic bag … newspaper or cardboard. You can then cover it with compost and/or mulch and plant the bed. By the time the cardboard/newspaper breaks down, the grass underneath should be dead. I've done this in multiple beds and it works great. …
answered May 31 '16 by michelle
In the American English version of the book, it is clear that the recommended mix is 1/3 of mixed, composted materials. That includes things like mushroom compost, composted cow manure, composted … poultry manure, and composted kitchen scraps. If this is similar to what you would find in a bag of compost in the UK, and if those bags are indeed 1/2 peat, I would say your plan of mixing 2/3rds …
answered Sep 8 '15 by michelle
I've tried 2 bins similar to the picture on the left. They did not work well. They took a very long time to break down the compost. It was difficult to turn the pile because it was so small. They …
answered Apr 6 '16 by michelle