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Mushrooms are the fleshy fruiting bodies of a fungus, which bear spores for reproduction. Includes mushrooms with a stem and cap as well as any fruiting body, such as truffles or jelly fungus.

In the context of mushrooms, saprotrophic just means that the fungus uses already dead or dying plant material for sustenance. This is in contrast to parasitic fungi, which will actually hasten the … Mushrooms) are in fact not parasitic, but consume already dead or dying material & are a choice edible! But, (to the OP's knowledge), not found on non-hardwood species. …
answered Jan 19 '16 by renesis
fruit bodies (mushrooms) to grow new mycelial masses (mushrooms are in large part not much more than compressed mycelium). Now, to the second part of your question: Do they also connect with … /when-mushrooms-go-wild-483119.html Suggested further reading: Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World Oct 1, 2005 by Paul Stamets …
answered May 22 '18 by renesis
I think best might be subjective here. Personally when working with mushrooms / mycellium I wash my arms & hands with soap and water & then put on disposable gloves. I then spray the gloves with a …
answered May 31 '18 by renesis
mushrooms growing on roots vs. soil: It's not uncommon for wood decomposing mushrooms to look to be growing in soil when they are growing from buried wood. Species that grow on roots may also grow from above … ground wood, stumps etc. The mushrooms in your photos are growing in tight clusters, this is not a trait present in shiitakes. As for the general appearance, this is what shiitakes look like …
answered Sep 18 '19 by renesis
San Francisco peninsula area. Recently, mushrooms started growing on the trunk near the base of a few of these yuccas, one of which is now clearly dead & the one that the mushroom pictured below was … mushrooms growing on a yucca, nor can I find any mention of this happening through several google searches, so I am not quite sure what to think of this apparent oyster mushroom. It is fairly large (as …
asked Jan 18 '16 by renesis
holes in the bottom. I wish you the best of luck in growing these mushrooms, when you succeed the reward will be immense! (I also highly recommend a book such as the one mentioned above to get you started.) …
answered Jun 14 '18 by renesis