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Questions tagged [zzplant]

For questions about plants that are part of the Zamioculcas genus. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Zamioculcas Zamiifolia.

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5 votes
0 answers

ZZ plant not growing

I took a stem with several leaves from a ZZ plant and put it in water, it put out some roots. Over two years ago I put it in a pot with soil, it died back and produced the single stem you see in the ...
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1 answer

Help with struggling ZZ plants

We got a ZZ plant for my daughter last summer and it has been going well, but recently it has been struggling. We noticed a little leaf yellowing and we thought it might be cramped in the pot (the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is something wrong with my ZZ plant?

This morning I looked over my ZZ plant and saw these white spots underneath some of the leaves. The best match I could find is of something called powdery mildew. Is it that or is it something else?
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Why does this zz plant have white residue and holes?

My ZZ plant has developed a thin white residue and holes on some of the leaves. We have had the ZZ plant about a month where it sits in a corner of the bedroom by a window. We have watered it once in ...
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ZZ plant yellowing question

I'm starting to see yellowing of some of the leaves and I've seen conflicting advice online. Here's the full story: I got it two weeks ago and put it on a saucer with water the moment I got home, it ...
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ZZ plant help please

I'm just getting started with indoor plants and heard the ZZ plant was easy and impossible to kill. I thought it was doing alright, not overwatering etc. But there are some white spots on the leaves. ...
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