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Questions tagged [zinnia]

Flowering plants and subshrubs, Genus "Zinnia" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.

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2 answers

What insect could be eating the tops of baby zinnia plants?

My zinnia seedlings emerge outside in my garden, but right away the leaves are eaten to the stem on some of them.This didn’t happened last year.
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Zinnia growing tall and look skinny

I planted zinnia seed like 1 - 1.5mo ago and now it's quite tall, 10" or so The leaves look rather small. And one is showing flowering. Is this normal? Is it lacking sun? Because I live in ...
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Strange leaves marks on zinnia and Mint

This morning I have noticed some strange marks on my Zinnia leaves and the leaves of the mint growing nearby: What could that be? And what could be done with it? They both grow on an east-oriented ...
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A tale of two "pinch backs" (should some plants not be pinched back?)

I'm no "gardener" but I like to plant from seed and watch things grow. I am trying to learn a bit more as I go along. I planted the zinnias in the photo below a couple of months ago, started indoors ...
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How to separate seeds from chaff (husk)?

I have harvested seeds from Zinnia elegans and Dahlia variabilis and I don't know how to easily separate the seeds from the chaff. I have put them in a bag and shaked it hoping that the seeds will ...
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Holes in leaves and black specks on lower leaves

I tried adding pictures but it isn't working. I have young zinnia plants that I started from seed about two months ago. They're just barely coming up on the point where they'll flower but suddenly I ...
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What is this tall, bright orange, variety of Zinnia?

Bought a couple 6 packs of these Zinnias and don't recall the variety. I checked back at the garden store where I got them the next year and they didn't recall the variety and didn't have anything ...
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