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Questions tagged [yard]

Use this tag with questions strictly related to yards and gardens. The scope of the question should be further narrowed down if possible using appropriate tags such as [lawn], [grass], [landscaping], etc. Please do not use this tag as a reference to the location of plants or insects found in your backyard, but include your geographical location in the question itself.

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Should I use small rocks to disrupt yard erosion?

I'm having a problem where rivulets are forming in the lower section of my yard, giving it a fragmented like appearance. I assume this is caused my runoff from the upper section of my yard, which is ...
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New Bahia Yard is Extremely Lumpy

First-time home owner here. It's been two months since they laid new bahia sod (suburb of Tampa, FL). They laid it in late July, it's now early Oct. It is extremely bumpy/clumpy/lumpy. I water it as ...
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How thick does the impermeable layer need to be when grading a yard?

I'm grading my yard and have found a deep layer of sand (at least 2 ft) extending out about 10ft. Perhaps the sub base for a patio? I understand I need an impermeable layer to ensure rain runs away ...
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There's slats of concrete about 3 feet apart underneath wooden deck. How should we fill it inexpensively?

Just removed a large wooden deck in our back yard. There are slats of concrete about 3 feet apart underneath. How should we fill it in? Sod, gravel, etc.? Going to sell the house soon so we want an ...
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Grass seed or sod?

My yard is heavily shaded and was neglected by the previous owners. I removed a heavy covering of dead leaves and have no grass. I am in N. Alabama. There 2 large oak trees at the front of the lot ...
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Bulk granular weed killer for dandelions in NW Ohio?

Explanation: I have around 5 acres of grass that is quickly being overtaken by dandelions. In years past, I've used liquid broadleaf killer to knock them down, and it's done a pretty good job. But I'...
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