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Wood ash + forest soil or leaf compost + legumes. Is this the perfect soil?

I am wondering if you can get all the necessary nutrients a plant needs my mixing wood ash with forest soil or leaf compost and growing legumes on top of it (and on top of that your actual plant you ...
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2 answers

Add wood ash to compost heap

I've seen discussions on this site about adding wood ash directly to the vegetable plot. But I was wondering if it would be better to add it to my compost bin instead?
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What does ash do to the PH of soil?

I've read that ash changes the PH of soil, so I was wondering how it changes the PH.
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Is there a difference between pot ash, and wood ash?

I was doing some research into potash, and it appeared that they had a fire all winter long, and made a lot of potash to spread in the summer. They called it pot ash, is there a difference between the ...
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