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For questions about how to care for plants and trees during winter season use the [overwintering] tag. For questions about gardening, planting, propagating plants, etc. during winter season use the [winter-gardening] tag. Use this tag for any other questions related to winter season. For example questions related to non-living landscape elements, watering systems, etc.

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Can this open water reservoir be damaged from the ice building inside it?

This circular concrete structure in the garden may have been a well before but now the bottom is closed and a water pipe leads to it. It is roughly a meter deep, 1.3m diameter, 50cm above surface and ...
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Urgent treatment for Echeverias, in mid-winter

My E. Purpusorum has begun to shrivel its bottom leaves and just by touching the plant it came-off. The roots seem to have died, but I still have a chance to root the stem. This species seems ...
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Brown tips on young Norway Spruce

Do you think I should treat these young Norway Spruce trees for a fungus or is this browning just from winter or transplant stress? We live in Minnesota so we have long winters. We planted a long row ...
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Should I prune my Avocado

So, I planted without a lot of expectation an Avocado this summer. It has now grown a lot, but yeah, except changing the water regularly and putting near the sun, I haven't done much on it, since it's ...
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Will these weeds reduce in winter?

These weeds are about 4 feet high. I can either weed whack them now (late September), or wait until early spring. Will I have a much easier time cutting them back in spring? I'd prefer to do it now, ...
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Table of chilling requirements for temperate zone plants?

Most plants that live where there is a a real season called "winter" have what botanists call 'chilling requirement' A certain number of hours/days below a certain temperature. Sometimes ...
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