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For questions about how to care for plants and trees during winter season use the [overwintering] tag. For questions about gardening, planting, propagating plants, etc. during winter season use the [winter-gardening] tag. Use this tag for any other questions related to winter season. For example questions related to non-living landscape elements, watering systems, etc.

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How can I keep gravel from moving out of my driveway during winter?

I have a gravel driveway going horizontally across a hill, and have trouble keeping the gravel in the driveway, especially during snow. This is because every time I shovel out the driveway, stones get ...
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How to insulate banana tree during winter

I have several banana trees in the ground at my place in northeastern Mississippi. They are about 2-5 feet tall. I would really like to salvage the stem during the winter if possible. What is the best ...
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During a warm-spell in early winter, can dormant hardwoods survive planting? Even if frozen temps are a day away?

Zone 5 northeast USA has had an early winter in some places, getting slammed with many evenings in the 20s and a few even lower. Some snow but it's come and gone, eventually melting after a couple ...
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