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Any guesses what these seedlings are, and whether I should remove them?

A few weeks ago, I cleared the (rather mossy) top inch of soil off a plant trough, weeded the trough, and put in a mix of Commercial Multi-purpose Compost and some "compost" made from organic discards ...
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Repotting ginger in a window box

I have a long tough box on my window which I stuck some root ginger in. The ginger was in my fridge and sprouting so I figured I'd see what happened. Fast forward a few years and it's a huge clump of ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Can I revive my basil that wasn't watered for a week?

I went on vacation and left a generous amount of water in my supermarket bought basil pot that I keep outside of the window. But it is very sunny in that spot as it's high up and facing South, and the ...
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What are some recommendations for planting garage rooftop window boxes?

The situation: There’s a double garage (precast concrete) with a flat roof of roughly 30 m² (approx. 320 sq ft), and it’s unused space. I often thought about putting anything alive up there (...
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What combination of herbs are good to plant in the same window box?

My brother-in-law gave me basil, rosemary and mint. I planted it in my window box and the basil and rosemary seem to be doing well. The mint dried up right away. I removed most of the dried leaves. ...
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