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Tomato plant leaves becoming miscoloured and wilting

Suddenly most of the leaves on my tomato plant has become this kind of miscoloured, turning soft and curling to the point of wilting. I'm not quite sure what is happenning, although it seems to have ...
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New chilli plant is wilting and shriveling

I bought a chilli plant and left it indoors by the window in its original pot. It's had two waterings since I bought it, spread about a week apart. I cannot remember exactly when the problems started, ...
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Fig tree wilting and the fruit also does not look healthy

Leaves from one of the main twig of my fig tree (6-8 years old) is wilting. Could someone please guide me what/why it's happening and how to fix.
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What's wrong with my Acer Orange Dream

Leaves have totally wilted on two stems. The rest look fine. The bark looks strange in the image. Is this a problem?
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Snap pea seedlings wilting

I transplanted some snap pea (sugar bon from Baker creek) seedlings a few weeks ago. For a while they were looking great and starting to grow. Then several of them started to wilt and turn white. When ...
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Why aren't my marijuana seedlings thriving?

Now that it's legal to grow, I decided to try growing my own. I bought a 1000 W LED light and have set up my seedlings in a 2 ft high area and the light is approximately 9 inches from top of plants. ...
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Why are my sunflower leaves getting yellow and rusty?

My sunflower plant is about to bloom. Its leaves are getting yellow and rusty. How will I fix it? I had watered it quite high several days ago as I could not understand the problem. Now I have ...
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Avacado leaves browning, new leaves wilting

Ive been growing three avacados from pit for about 2 years indoors, they’ve done well but recently two have developed brown spots in between the “veins” one I decided to replace with a different plant ...
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Wilting purple passion clipping

I have a clipping propagating in water. I've done this a few times with no problem. This time it looked great for a week, then yesterday started drooping. The color looks healthy and the leaves are ...
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