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2 votes
0 answers

Fig tree wilting and the fruit also does not look healthy

Leaves from one of the main twig of my fig tree (6-8 years old) is wilting. Could someone please guide me what/why it's happening and how to fix.
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1 vote
0 answers

What's wrong with my Acer Orange Dream

Leaves have totally wilted on two stems. The rest look fine. The bark looks strange in the image. Is this a problem?
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3 votes
0 answers

Snap pea seedlings wilting

I transplanted some snap pea (sugar bon from Baker creek) seedlings a few weeks ago. For a while they were looking great and starting to grow. Then several of them started to wilt and turn white. When ...
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1 vote
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Why aren't my marijuana seedlings thriving?

Now that it's legal to grow, I decided to try growing my own. I bought a 1000 W LED light and have set up my seedlings in a 2 ft high area and the light is approximately 9 inches from top of plants. ...
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2 answers

Why are my sunflower leaves getting yellow and rusty?

My sunflower plant is about to bloom. Its leaves are getting yellow and rusty. How will I fix it? I had watered it quite high several days ago as I could not understand the problem. Now I have ...
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Avacado leaves browning, new leaves wilting

Ive been growing three avacados from pit for about 2 years indoors, they’ve done well but recently two have developed brown spots in between the “veins” one I decided to replace with a different plant ...
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Wilting purple passion clipping

I have a clipping propagating in water. I've done this a few times with no problem. This time it looked great for a week, then yesterday started drooping. The color looks healthy and the leaves are ...
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