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Questions tagged [wilt]

The loss of rigidity in a plant / one of a range of plant diseases

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Why are my basil leaves turning black?

Seeking all the experts out there. Just while I was going out to water my basil plant just now, I realised that some leaves have developed dark spots as shown in the pictures. I have immediately ...
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What’s wrong with my wilting aloe Vera?

I’ve been trying not too water it too often or too little but it’s just looking sad. What do you think could be the cause of this and can it be saved?
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What's wrong with my plants

I've recently bought Cestrum nocturnum from local nursery and transplant it in pot with 40% sand soil, 40% organic compost and 20% coco peat. But I don't know why its leafs are falling continuously. ...
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Can't get cucumbers past seed leaves

Last year I tried to grow some Boston Pickling cucumbers. They grew to about 2 inches and just as they got their first true leaves they wilted and died. I had just moved house and had planted those ...
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Tomato wilt identification

I'm growing tomatoes in a raised bed. I planted four different varieties; one of them, Brandywine, has wilted pretty aggressively on one side of the plant (pictures below). I have a number of other ...
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Scallions wilting/dying?

I'm the same writer as This. I've been checking my scallions the past few days and well... They don't seem well... The Scallions on the top and bottom of the picture appear to be wilting or dying, and ...
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How to minimize harm for leafed-out bare root trees being transplanted late in spring at a remote site?

I have a lot of bare root trees leftover from Fall 2019 seed propagation. These are seedlings which first emerged in Spring 2020 and now are entering their second year of growth. They are mostly small ...
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Pumpkin Plant Suddenly Wilted

I had a thriving pumpkin plant (it is a bix max, grown to about 20 feet, many pumpkins starting to develop). Today I cut off one of the branches (I have cut off branches before and no problems). A ...
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1 tomato plant out of 4 is stunted, light green, has brown dots on leaves + stem (no yellow)

Before I send this plant to the great farm in the sky, would anyone have any armchair suggestions on remedies I can try please? I think the soil / environment is OK based on the plant next to it being ...
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