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2 answers

Will my lime tree recover from cold shock?

This is my first attempt to grow something and it hasn't started off well. During the last winter, my Persian lime tree wasn't protected well enough from a cold front. All the leaves fell off, and the ...
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How can I best get an alert if overnight frost is predicted? [closed]

What's the best way to get warned if there's going to be a frost? Is there website or online service which will email me? My priority would be a service which emails only in the event of frost ...
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Is there an optimal time of day and/or weather conditions for weeding?

I'm talking here about a quickfire weeding session (probably with a hoe) where you haven't time to do anything much about carting away the weed debris. I'm assuming mid-morning in full sun is optimum,...
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3 answers

How can I grow cold weather crops in a hot climate?

I would really like to grow brocolli, potatoes, blueberries, and/or spinach in Oklahoma (zone 6). But all my previous attempts have failed miserably. Does anyone have pointers on how to do this, or ...
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How to prevent mulch from moving

Last year I laid a lot of mulch down. After a few storms, the mulch ended up piling on one end of the landscaped area. Either it was blown or moved by rain water. Is there a good way to prevent mulch ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What's the best temperature for lavender (Celcious) and the climate in general?

I'm planting a lavender. I'm living in the Philippines, it's like 30°C (86°F) here and I'd like to know the temperature and the weather for lavender. It's currently raining here.
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Ipomoea / Morning Glory leaves "engraved" with whitish, silvery patches

I hope you can help me identify the problem with these Ipomoeas (Morning Glory). It's actually two varieties of seeds I sowed together: Ipomoea Violacea (those with tinnier leaves, I'm not sure) ...
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How to protect outdoor potted trees in storm?

I'm growing a bunch of trees in pots and have been keeping them in the yard. A storm with high winds is expected (~20mph) and as I bring some items indoors (e.g. a flag, light pots hanging from a ...
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2 answers

Why does my hardiness zone not match the historical weather?

I looked up my town on this website and it says that I'm in zone 9b (25F - 30F average minimum temperature). However, the historical data shows that the temperature never dropped below 41F in the ...
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Crab apples haven't flowered this year - could a warm winter be to blame?

We have two well-established crab-apples trees on our street, about 15 years old. The last few years they fruited pretty heavily and we were looking forward to harvesting fruit this year. However ...
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3 answers

Which tree branches break the least?

Which tree has branches that break the least over all other trees? Which trees shed the least weight?
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3 answers

How to deal with vegetables after heavy rain/hail?

Tonight we had really bad weather (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - strong wind, extra heavy rain (and some hail). Rain and wind were so strong that even plants under shading net are now laying on the ground ...
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1 answer

Mounting a board/sign to a tree without harming it

I'm looking for suggestions on mounting a board vertically to a tree but without drilling into the tree or harming it. I was looking for some type of bracket or strap that would withstand multiple ...
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How much rain is too much to garden in?

When organizing community gardening events, weather sometimes gets in the way. In most cases a little rain or cold doesn't hurt and the event goes on with dedicated gardeners doing their thing in the ...
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3 answers

Spring, trimming a Redbud - Wrong time?

Is it too late or too early to trim/prune a redbud tree? The upper branches of our redbud tree have encroached on the house. We would like to prune the branches back so they don't touch the house and ...
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Yellow and brown spots on leaf tip

On a barley farm, there are yellow and brown spots on leaf tips. Possible causes: Some kind of parasite Weather condition Bad seed Looks like some farms using the same seed are affected What might ...
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Red Amaranth in rainy season

I had sown a few Amaranth seeds in summer whose seedlings got eaten away by birds. Now some new ones have sprouted up but this is rainy season. Will this grow well in this season? I live in area ...
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do wood chips insulate better for cold than heat?

I noticed that my wood chip compost pile that I never turned has ice still about 1" below the surface, so that got me to wonder if wood chips are better cold insulators than heat insulators.
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Treating powdery mildew

Our tomato plants got powdery mildew problem, because of wildfire at west coast, there was not much sunlight, and even some leaves at top has powdery mildew problem, as you can see in the first ...
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Finding How many hours my orchard have been under 7°C

I have bought an orchard which has 42 apple trees 30 apricots and 22 walnuts. And I want to know if my orchard is suitable for apple farming or not. I have red that apple trees should be in a location ...
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