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Will my lime tree recover from cold shock?

This is my first attempt to grow something and it hasn't started off well. During the last winter, my Persian lime tree wasn't protected well enough from a cold front. All the leaves fell off, and the ...
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How to protect outdoor potted trees in storm?

I'm growing a bunch of trees in pots and have been keeping them in the yard. A storm with high winds is expected (~20mph) and as I bring some items indoors (e.g. a flag, light pots hanging from a ...
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Ipomoea / Morning Glory leaves "engraved" with whitish, silvery patches

I hope you can help me identify the problem with these Ipomoeas (Morning Glory). It's actually two varieties of seeds I sowed together: Ipomoea Violacea (those with tinnier leaves, I'm not sure) ...
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