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Removed a wasp nest - will the wasps move on?

I had a wasp nest in an area where I'm scared the kids might go and get strung. I waited till night fall and knocked it down with a broom. However, the wasps still congregate where the nests was. It's ...
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Is there a wasp nest in this tree?

We have a small tree in the border of our back garden. I noticed today that there is a constant sparse crowd of wasps around the base of the tree, if you stop and look then there's easily a dozen in ...
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Are these wasps? What is the best course of action to handle them?

So I just discovered them under a solar panel switch ('isolator') today. I have no idea how long they have been there but I reckon it cannot be more than a month or so. There are two of them and they ...
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Any advice for my grass problem?

I’ve got a little issue in my backyard with growing some grass. For starters, the yard is in a very sun exposed spot. I’m located in CT, USA. Last year I believe I had grubs in the yard which ate away ...
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Treating a wasp nest

We have a wasp nest in a very awkward position. It is in the side top of the roof above the porch. I have attached some images showing where the nest is. There is a window next to the nest but not ...
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Are these black pods something to do with wasps?

I have a tree that is swarming with wasps. I cannot see a nest but assume there is one somewhere. I also noticed the tree is covered in patches of black pod types things: Are the two things related? ...
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What is a plant-and-animal safe way to kill a hive of yellowjackets?

I’ve seen plenty of questions on here about what wasps are doing to plants. Specifically I want my hive gone. I have a large backyard where I try to keep grass, cloves, and insects plentiful. (These ...
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When to trim ivy-full hedge to avoid bees and wasps?

It's early October in the UK, and my mixed garden hedge (some box, some hawthorn, lots of accidental ivy) needs the top trimming off. Unfortunately for some reason this year the ivy is attracting a ...
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What type of poison bait can I leave for the common UK wasp?

I've heard that you can leave poison bait for wasps, which can kill a nest when wasps return with the bait for young to feed on. However I am struggling to find such products in the UK. I've also ...
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