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Climbing and trailing plants

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Help identifying this vine with green and white heart shaped leaves?

I honestly have no idea what this plant is. It seems to be some type of vine. I took a few pictures i will put below. As you can see there is some other plant growing in the same pot with the long ...
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What is this vine-like weed and how do I kill it?

I have a viney weed growing in my yard. Weed and Feed doesn't seem to affect it. It's slowly spreading to more and more of my yard every year. What is it, and how do I kill it?
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What is this (allegedly) mosquito-repellent trailing plant with dark green heart-shaped leaves?

I was given a plant a while back that I was told repels mosquitoes: The little I know about it: it has dark green heart shaped leaves that grow up to about 3½" wide by 4½" long (9cm by ...
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How can I get rid of mint?

I planted mint in my garden a few years ago and it turned out to be a mistake. I should have grown it in a container. I've been pulling out mint each year but can't get rid of it, so I dug up the ...
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What are some fast-growing, voluminous vines that are suitable to be grown in containers?

I have a large terrace in New York City, and am looking to fill it with some greenery without spending a fortune. In the past I have had good luck with morning glories in containers - they grow ...
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What does 'standard' mean when referring to shrubs and vines?

I often see shrubs and vines for sale labeled as 'standards'. What does that mean? Examples: Roses Rose of Sharon Trumpet Vine Wisteria And so on.
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Why aren't my morning glories sprouting this year?

Every year I plant morning glories from fresh seeds, in containers (the long, rectangular kind). They always take a bit of time (1-2 weeks) to sprout, and after that, really take off (I hang some ...
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Identify this sprawling vine with five-lobed leaves with serrated edges

Can anyone identify this vine? It's currently growing on the ground, as it has nothing to climb, and it's sending out long shoots in several directions. I'm in zone 7a if that helps at all. Click for ...
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What climbing vines will cover a 40' high cliff in southern Spain?

We live in southern Spain, and have the problem of trying to disguise a massive cliff wall behind the house. We intend to erect large metal fencing to the cliff, which is 100 feet long by 40 feet high!...
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Can someone identify this honeysuckle plant by the flowers?

Click for original picture context Can someone please tell me what type of honeysuckles these are?
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Morning Glory - Unmanagable growth?

I want to plant Morning Glory to cover a fence. I was told not to cause the growth would be unmanageable. Is it really a problem? Is a great deal of watering required ?
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What size, and how far apart, should support posts for a trellis tunnel be?

I was thinking of building a trellis/vine-tunnel (not sure what it is called). Which I want to grow a variety of edibles (grapes, and maybe some northern kiwi vines) and flowers. Every species seems ...
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