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1 answer

My Poor Wounded Willow

My neighbor cut the branches of my willow tree that extended over his property to the sky. The branches are cut mid way, not to the base of the tree. Will these branches survive and continue to grow. ...
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Emerald Green Arborvitae - Lost their cone shape

Just moved into a new home, and although the Arborvitae's were pruned, they lost their "cone" shape and now look more like Grimace from McDonalds. Each are about 6 foot high. Is there a ...
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Dragon tree leaves drooping and falling off – Can it be saved and should I trim the stems?

Edit: I reposted this on Reddit and from the answers I got there I decided on repotting, trimming the leaves and lightly trimming the stems. Going to hope for the best now. Cheers. Is it too late to ...
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4-year-old pomegranate that it only blooms but has never set fruit and the branches are very long and not sure how to prune it

I pomegranate is 4 years old has never set fruit as lots of blooms The branches are very long and leggy My tree is about 5 to 6 ft tall. Question on why it's not setting fruit and how to trim it back.
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Should I wait until later in the season to trim our flowering bush?

We have a bush at the corner of our house that is frequently a bit overgrown. I was looking at it today, and thinking that I needed to trim it, and then I saw all of the bees buzzing around the ...
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Pruning potato tree to shorten

I have a potato tree that is round shape on the top about 10 feet tall. I’d like this to be about 3 feet tall but I will be cutting off all the branches. If I do cut it to a 3’ stump will the tree ...
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Do I have to trim branches from my tree that extend past the fence?

My neighbor has hired a tree trimming service to trim their tree that extends over our shared fence. I have never asked them to do so, nor expressed any resentment that it grows over the fence. It ...
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What will happen if I trim a honeylocust in the spring?

Every website advises that I trim a honeylocust in the fall after the leaves have fallen, or in the spring before the sap starts to rise. However, my young honeylocust (established for 3 years, 15 ...
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