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Questions tagged [tools]

For questions about the maintenance, usage, techniques, evaluating, and storage of gardening handheld tools. For questions about larger equipment or machines use the [equipment] tag.

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Pruning clippers covered in copper - curse, blessing, or neglibable for plant propagation?

How I got clippers covered in copper "Dusting off" some pruning clippers I noticed much more rust than I expected. I usually maintain tools well but lost track of this pair for a bit, and I guess ...
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Husqvarna leaf blower problem

I put new carburetor, fuel line, filter, and plug, and it is still not running right. The model is 125v. Listen to the video. It sounds like it is missing.
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Spool flies off

Hi I have a Bosch art 26 combitrim. Every time I use it the spool and line shoot off is there supposed to be a spring inside the centre spindle. If so can I get a replacement ?
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Trying to remove a Kobalt 80v trimmer head that does NOT have a flathead screw

Can anyone help? I have an 80v brushless Kobalt trimmer and the bump head finally wore out. The videos online show a flathead screw holding it on,mine does not.
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Green Husqvarna fuel can spout sticking

Husqvarna fuel cans come (came?) with a green spout to make filling up fuel easier. Unfortunately, it sometimes starts sticking and fuel is spilled everywhere:
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