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What happened to my tomatillo?

Last night we got our first frost. Before nightfall, I went and picked all of the remaining tomatillos in the garden regardless of their ripeness. Some were ripe, some were unripe, and then there was ...
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Tomatillo leaf greying

I have a tomatillo plant that has leaf browning and am unable to determine likely cause: nutrient, blight, water issue or all the above?I have a pic but unclear how to post herein
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Why aren't my tomatillos fruiting?

We have two tomatillo plants that have been growing very well and have a ton of flowers. However, so far we have only had one single fruit! We had three plants last year that did very well with lots ...
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Pruning small tomato plant?

I bought this tomato plant some time ago, and it grew about 3 small tomatoes. The tomato plant currently looks like this. I’m not sure if it’s dying, but the tomatoes grew in the dying branches. Now ...
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What is this green caterpillar eating and laying eggs in my tomatillo husks?

My tomatillo plants are infested with some sort of green caterpillar or larvae that's chewing holes in the husk, fruit, and leaves. It is not bothering the nearby tomato plants. Any ideas on what it ...
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Do tomitillo need full husks to grow?

I was in my garden today, and noticed that I'm getting small holes in my tomitillo husks. Should I do anything about it?
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Are these wild Tomatillos?

I live in Northern Arizona (grassland at 5300') and I've been finding these weeds in my backyard that I'm pretty sure are tomatillos: So: 1) Are these poisonous? 2) Would they taste as good as ...
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What went wrong with my tomatillos?

I planted one tomatillo plant this year and I got hundreds of tomatillos; however, I got very few that had the fruit burst the husks, so that they were useable. Also, the fruit that was mature enough ...
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Do cloned tomatillos pollinate each other?

For tomatillos that require a pollinator, if I have only one tomatillo plant, but I root some cuttings from it, will the plants pollinate the other clones (and/or the parent)? They're all from the ...
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