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Preparation of soil by mechanical agitation.

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How do I work with soil that has a high clay content?

The clay content in my garden soil is rather high. Tilling it is a royal pain, especially if there is even the slightest hint of moisture in the soil. It just turns into big sticky clumps instead of ...
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3 answers

How should I till topsoil into thick clay in small garden beds?

My house is in an area where the native earth is basically solid clay. This means that wet or dry, you can't dig with a shovel and get crumbling dirt — it always clumps together, unless you ...
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Can I fix a garden tilled too early?

I've never been totally successful in waiting till the exact opportune moment to till my garden and I don't suppose that I ever will be. I usually till my garden once or twice and when I'm ready to ...
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How do I choose a good tiller (cultivator) for a 1000 sq. ft. garden?

I'm getting ready to till about 1,000 square feet, but the problem is I have no experience buying tillers. However, I don't know much about buying them. What should one look for in a garden tiller ...
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4 answers

How should I fill and reseed shallow depressions in my lawn?

I want to level out a lawn that is roughly 4000 square feet. It has many low areas that vary in diameter and depth. Not sure what caused these holes; my guess is that they are from a previous owner ...
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2 answers

How should I remove long grasses/roots to prepare a fresh bed?

I am currently attempting to remove a bunch of dead grass in a roughly 5'x5' plot. When the grass fully grows sometime in early-to-mid summer, they are like very small, long-grassed shrubs, sort of ...
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Would it be better for me to set up my garden in the fall, or wait until spring?

I recently moved into a house with a yard, and am eager to start getting a garden started. The ground here isn't really clay, but it's not really dirt that I would want to use for gardening. It's ...
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Can I Till Existing Grass Before Laying Sod?

I have a small backyard with patchy grass. I killed most of it during a recent project, always with plans of laying sod after. I've read that just tilling the existing grass isn't suggested when ...
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2 answers

Water from tiling in yard constantly on sidewalk

We just purchased our house. The back yard has a large hill in it. The construction company that built our house installed tiling (french drain) in the hill that comes out right by the sidewalk in ...
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How do I prep for tilling over my yard

I'm not a gardener by any stretch so I need some advice and a game plan for a very simple project I have. I have a small front yard (about 70sq ft or so) that recently got partially dug up to repair ...
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1 answer

How do electric tillers compare with gas powered ones?

I have 6 raised beds filled with topsoil and compost, and am looking for a tiller. They total about 200 sq.ft. I see a lot of electric tillers on the market and wonder how they perform compared to gas ...
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Tilling the garden at the end of the year.

My dad has always tilled the garden at the end of the growing season, and therefore I have as well. But today I want to ask this group a simple question, is there really a benefit to tilling at the ...
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How do I roto-till without leaving a trench?

I have a 4' (1.2m) three point tractor roto-tiller which I've been using to prepare garden areas this year. I noticed that the tiller always moves soil backwards, and when at the end of the section it ...
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2 answers

Should I turn soil upside down when cultivating?

Should the soil be turned upside down when cultivating? For example, this machine will turn the soil upside down. I've heard from my relative that you shouldn't do that because it severely disrupts ...
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1 answer

Should I rototill compost into existing barren soil before planting drought-hardy grass?

I've had 2" of composted manure added to my desert front yard (New Mexico, zone 7a) to serve as new topsoil after having someone with a bobcat and a dump truck to haul off the gravel and plastic ...
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Is tilling or turning the soil frequently beneficial to plant growth?

Tilling the soil with a small bolo is part of the conventional gardening practice in my locality, and I have been told repeatedly that I should till the soil regularly around the base of plants to ...
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Till up grassy lanes between grape vine rows and then replant a cover, or leave alone?

I'm putting in a new vineyard with 9 rows, spaced 7 feet apart. The rows are 3 feet wide and tilled, while the lanes between the rows are 4 feet wide and still intact as typical cool-season lawn (...
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How do we deal with abnormally heavy rain?

I just started gardening this year, and we've tried a few methods to see what works best, including a straw bale garden, compost bag gardens, and a tilled field. Things were going great until about a ...
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Is deep soil mixing necessary for compacted clay soil before planting a tree?

I am a newbie gardener, and would like to plant around 15 polyalthia longifolia trees in my garden. The main problem here is that my garden's reddish-clay-soil seems to be compacted. Clay sticks ...
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Two stroke engine throttle not working

This may not be the correct place to ask this question, but I'm not sure a more appropriate place exists. I have a Craftsman 32.8cc 10in tiller with a two-stroke Tecumseh engine. It ran fine the ...
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I've tilled wet soil before doing proper research. What can i do to minimize the damage?

I'm new to gardening, and I decided that I am going to create a new garden bed in my yard. The problem is, I began tilling without knowing of the damage that can be done by tilling very wet soil. Now ...
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Can you plant sod on top of old grass if you lay a layer of top soil down? [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out if I can plant new sod on top of an existing lawn. Can I till the old lawn and lay down top soil then plant the new sod without removing the old grass. I planned on killong ...
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Turning my existing lawn into something more presentable. Will tilling kill everything so I can start from scratch or do I need herbicide?

I'm in Eastern PA and as it's just the start of April - I would like to turn my poor excuse for a lawn into a nice, level, uniform grassy green lawn. It's currently very uneven with high spots, low ...
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