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Companion planting scheme with crops of beans, squash, and corn.

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Can sunflower be used in Three Sisters planting instead of corn?

The Native American Three Sisters technique traditionally uses corn, beans, and squash as companion plants. The corn provides a trellis for the beans, the beans fix nitrogen for the corn, and the ...
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Growing 3 sisters but my beans are overtaking corn

I planted my beans out once my corn was about 6 - 12 inches but the corn is growing real slow and the beans are overtaking them. Corn is jimmy red cord and Im in the UK. Any suggestions on what to do ...
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How many bean plants will corn / sunflower support?

I planted a section of my garden three-sisters style this year: corn, squash/pumpkin, and pole beans (for dry harvest). I also have a 25' row of "Mammoth Gray Stripe" sunflowers (9-12 footers) in the ...
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What are the criteria for picking out vegetables to grow together in "Three Sisters" garden?

A "Three Sisters" garden is a garden grown consisting of three different crops which help each other grow in some fashion. Such as Corn, Squash and Beans. I read about it in Roots Shoots Buckets and ...
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