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Little indentations on tea plant

I spotted these on 2 new leaves of my camellia sinensis, the other leaves don't have these at all, its inside against a western facing window, watered every 4 days fertilized every 2nd month, I want ...
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What variety is my mint plant/why does my tea taste grassy?

I bought my mint plant from M&S in the UK in a pot, i've had it about a week and plan to re pot it into a larger pot in about a week where it will be permanently outside on a roof terrace (though ...
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Why is my tea tree wilting?

I am growing Camellia Sinensis in zone 8. I noticed yesterday that this tea tree suddenly wilted. It was fine until two days ago. It has been hot for several days, often reaching 80F in the afternoon,...
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I have a bonsai tea tree and I'm concerned because it is dropping leaves and I'm not sure what to do

I live in Minnesota and the beginning of winter is starting. I'm trying to get it enough sunlight, I'm kind of thinking that might be the problem. However, now that it's getting into winter the days ...
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Spearmint Yield [closed]

would any of you know approximately how much spearmint I could get per plant? I am looking to buy a four tier greenhouse and fill it up completely with spearmint so I am not exactly sure how much the ...
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Indoor small tea plant and Vinca care

Sorry to make a double question but I'm totally new. I live in an apartment, and I really want to have a tea plant, but unfortunately I have no space for huge plants. In here I read I can have certain ...
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Can herbs steal each others flavor?

I made oswego tea for the first time tonight and my wife thought I had given her oregano tea. It was too much of a coincidence to guess that I think. She had no idea I made tea out of bee balm and the ...
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What is yield of a tea tree? [closed]

I would like to plan plantation of tea. I would like to know how much tea a tea tree would yield. What is the quantity / frequency?
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Composting large amount of loose tea

I recently acquired an Earthmachines composting bin and was wondering if the bin could withstand large amounts of loose tea. We drink lots of tea made from loose tea and it can end up as much kitchen ...
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Is it possible to grow an indoor tea plant?

It is at all possible to grow tea plants, particularly something like Camellia sinensis, not herbal teas, indoors with special lighting? Specifically, I'm not taking about starting tea seedlings and ...
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Could I grow a Sochi tea plant (Camellia sinensis) in zone 6b?

I saw a Sochi tea plant in a catalog that was hardy in zones 7-10. Since I am in zone 6b, I was wondering if I could successfully grow these without wrapping in tar paper or anything like that. I am ...
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