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2 answers

Growing sweet corn in a small plot, spacing and sowing tips

Zone 6A I have a small plot of land 8' x 25' fully enclosed since birds are a real threat here. Soil has been amended with horse manure and tested by Penn State extension annually. The variety I sow ...
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Ants on corn - urgent pest?

I have ants on my corn. They are either depositing or collecting something. What are they doing and how can I kill them safely? Are they harming the ears?
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18 votes
2 answers

Why did my sweet corn kernels grow into this?

This corn is about 2 weeks premature to be picked. It had lots of green bugs and japanese beetles chowing on it, but I didn't do anything weird to it (no Ninja-Turtle ooze for instance). I can't ...
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What's the average brix scale difference between Stowell's Evergreen and Blue Jade?

My local plant sale allows the difference between Stowell's Evergreen and Blue Jade for the two types of corn for sale, and I'm wondering which one would be better if I can only choose between them ...
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Corn stunted in one area of my plot?

Can anyone tell me why this is happening!? When we till after soil, we added composted manure her and 10 1010 fertilizer. Our seeds are the honey select variety from a reputable greenhouse in my ...
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2 answers

When to plant pole beans after corn?

My corn is now about a foot high, and heavily mulched with dried bindweed. They say you can use corn to support pole beans, though others say it pulls down the corn. So, at what height of corn should ...
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How best to Germinate Sweetcorn

I'm wanting to grow some sweetcorn (Its mid spring here, so I believe I should have enough time). My concern is that the sweetcorn is going to be grown very close to the home of my wifes free-range ...
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