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Sweet potato variety identification

That's how they look like just after harvesting. Flesh is light yellow, after cut fresh tuber in half, milky juice appears (it's also visible on damaged roots on pic below). Slips before moving ...
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White skinned sweet potato is too young to eat?

It's spring here in Australia and a scrub turkey has just dug up my beautiful sweet potato patch and began pecking at the tubers underneath. I'm contemplating digging them up to eat and pulled one out ...
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Something eats my sweet potato leaves

Something eats leaves, mostly youg ones, any idea what's that? I can't identify any pests when looking closer.
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Correct orientation of Okinawan purple sweet potato

Not being able to find any organic Okinawan purple sweet potatoes in the supermarket, I bought slips online. They’ve been growing for about 9 months and I’ve finally harvested the tubers. What is the ...
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What variety of sweet potato is best for lower grow temperatures?

I'm looking for sweet potato variety most suitable for temperate climate zone (central Europe). Especially, I need some variety that tolerates lower night temperatures (usually between 10 and 15 °C). ...
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Is the sweet potato beyond saving?

The whole story start off as an accident. At the beginning, we bought some sweet potato and mean to cook them, but we forgot one at the bottom of a chair and next time we discover it, there were green ...
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Sweet potatoes: Can I plant a whole tuber instead of starting slips? Are slips a better option?

I'm in zone 4 (Minneapolis MN, USA) and managed to grow some sweet potatoes last year with the 3 month window (I bought slips), but this year I have the saved tubers from last year. Should I grow ...
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