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Questions tagged [squirrel]

For questions about how to keep squirrels from eating plants, vegetables in gardens and backyards or how to prevent squirrels from entering certain areas in a landscape or how to fix damage done by squirrels to plants.

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3 votes
1 answer

Large holes by the fence, which animal would be digging such holes in Northern California?

I've noticed two large holes under our three giant redwoods. We have many squirrels and I'm thinking they did that, but those holes look really large so I'm wondering whether squirrels do indeed dig ...
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Why are squirrels trying to remove my plant blankets?

For the first time, I wrapped my balcony plant pots in wool/hessian blankets this winter (2020/2021). We have squirrels living in nearby trees, who often visit the balcony. Once spring began and the ...
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How to remediate damage to a young tree branch from continued squirrel use

Context There is a what I believe to be a small dogwood in my backyard very close to the house. Fox squirrels frequently jump from the tree onto my roof. They all use the same spot on the same branch. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

When can potted Strawberry Seedlings be safely transplanted outside considering Squirrel attacks?

Southern California resident here. I have strawberry seedlings and would like to transplant them outside. How old should they be to avoid being eaten by squirrels? I've had days-old seedlings get ...
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Something ate the Marigolds seedling overnight

I have my Marigolds seedling for about 3-4 days and suddenly overnight, most leaves are gone I am in Pacific Northwest and we have a lot of bunnies and squirrels. Any idea which animal or bug would ...
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3 votes
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Cutting down trees with squirrel nests

We've got a line of Siberian elms in our backyard that we want to get rid of. They're not the most attractive tree, they're an invasive species, and they aggressively colonize the lawn. They also have ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What are some good organic repellents to keep squirrels away from fruit on trees?

I am aware that there are a lot of articles on how to keep squirrels away from trees. Some of the suggestions include Owl statues, guns, organic repellent, and moth balls. I don't want to shoot them ...
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4 votes
4 answers

What ate the leaves of my bell pepper plant?

I planted a sweet orange bell pepper plant last week in my garden bed, which was converted from a fire pit. It's only half a foot tall and hasn't flowered yet. One day, an entire leaf was chewed off. ...
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