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One of four species of genus Cucurbita; also known as marrows.

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What type of squash/gourd is this?

I planted what was supposed to be a gourd and it has given a few of these fruits from small flowers (similar to cucumber) that have reached around 20cm long and about 2kg. Any idea what they are?
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Squash vine stopped growing?

I've seen this on several squash plants, where the vine seems to stop growing but the growth tip is still trying to produce fruit. Not sure what this is called - internode shortening or something? ...
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How to keep cucumber beetles/bacterial wilt from spreading when removing infected plant?

I have some cucumber plants that are very infested with cucumber beetles (mostly striped, some spotted). The plants are dying from bacterial wilt, and although it's hard to access all leaf surfaces ...
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Insect identification

The other day I noticed a large concentration of these insects hanging around my squash plants. What are they? Are they a pest I should be concerned about?
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Pumpkin Plant Suddenly Wilted

I had a thriving pumpkin plant (it is a bix max, grown to about 20 feet, many pumpkins starting to develop). Today I cut off one of the branches (I have cut off branches before and no problems). A ...
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Why does my Red Kuri squach have few female slowers and those it does have don't bloom but fall off?

I have 2 Red Kuri squash that have a lot of male blooms but very few female. Those females that are showing up don't bloom (so I can't pollinate) and ultimately fall off without developing. I am in ...
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Mottled yellow leaves on Zucchini [pictures] - Disease ID?

I have some black beauty zucchini growing. I've noticed some leaves with a mottled orange/yellow color. It's not the whole plant but just some leaves. Other zucchinis in my garden of a different ...
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Japanese squash seedlings are going limp

Having boned up on online articles on how to grow kabocha (Japanese squash), I understand that it is not ideal to have them indoors and in planters. However, I live in a high-rise and there is nothing ...
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When to allow red kuri squash to start to produce fruit

I am growing red kuri squash in pots on my balcony. The pots I have chosen are definitely smaller than ideal, but they are growing pretty fast and have been since I put them out there in early April, ...
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