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How important are companion plants in community gardens

My partner and I will be getting involved with our first community garden this year (with a number of policies to ensure safe social distancing, of course). Having never really done gardening before, ...
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Would a tomato plant being shaded out cause smaller tomatoes?

I'm getting sweet 100s the size of my pinkey mail, when they often get the size of my first thumb joint. Could square foot gardening, and being shaded too much by the cultivars Big Zac/Mushroom Basket ...
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Can "Attic Insulation" vermiculite be used in the garden?

I'm looking for sources for vermiculite to try out a bit of square foot gardening this season. I found one at menards but it says it's for attic insulation. It also says there's no formaldehyde (...
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Where can I find a crop calendar for Arizona

I'm starting a community garden but so far all the crop calendars I've been able to find don't seem to have Arizona weather in mind. Anyone know where I can find a local crop calendar?
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Who keeps tearing the leaves off my melons?

I have a small garden in my backyard (a 4x4 "square foot" garden). It has a variety of different plants in it. Recently I tried to grow melons in it (watermelons and cantaloupes). But, shortly after ...
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Square meter gardening Soil Mix

The Square meter garden soil mix is a third each of compost, peat moss and vermiculite. I have assumed that in the UK since most of our composts are around 50% peat moss I could just do: 2/3 compost ...
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Square foot garden companion planting - in occupied squares or not?

This is our 5th year using about 160 square feet of garden space. We have never really played with companion planting though. We have several zucchini (16 squares, 4x4), squash (2x2), tomatoes (2x2), ...
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For square foot gardening: Can I skip vermiculite seed sprouting, and plant straight in Mel's Mix?

In the Square Foot Gardening book, they suggest sprouting seeds in pure vermiculite and then moving those to seed trays w/ Mel's Mix until they're ready to be transplanted outdoors. The vermiculite-...
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