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Used to water the garden

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Sprinkler Troubleshooting

I added a couple of branches to my sprinklers over a year ago to add some more sprinklers to cover some brown spots on my backyard grass. There are now 16 sprinklers with 4 off of two branches and 8 ...
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Pipe Leak in Irrigation Box

I have a leak in my sprinkler/irrigation box. Not sure where to start. Is this something I can easily fix? What steps would be necessary? Here is a short video of the leak:
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Rain Bird 100-DV-F valve top is stuck on

I have a Rain Bird 100-DV-F valve that is being slow to allow water to flow. I bought a new diaphragm and solenoid filter. I replaced the filter just fine. However, after taking out all 6 screws, the ...
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Does a sprinkler system by a house attract termites?

Does a sprinkler system by the foundation of a house attract subterranean termites up into the house? I heard subterranean termites (at least in the desert) come out of the ground at night to seek ...
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Valve connected to Hunter Node not opening

I've got a Hunter Node that operates a single zone in my yard. After "dewinterizing" the system, noticed that this zone was not operating. The valve looked a bit old, so just replaced the ...
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Is using sprinkler system in orchard a wise choice?

My orchard has walnut, apricot and apple trees and I have alfalfa as cover crop. For now I am using surface irrigation. I am planing to change my system to drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation. ...
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No pressure in irrigation system

Last summer the sprinklers worked fine but when trying to replace them with drip we found the water no longer flowed. I opened the pressure regulator to inspect if it was blocked but it seemed fine. I ...
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Work mechanism and added value of higher speed of simple sprinklers?

What is the use of higher rotating speed of standard lawn sprinklers (assuming there is a large family of similar non-special devices) you see around in Northern Western Europe and many other places? ...
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