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What plant is this? A kind of Thyme?

It's similar a bit to Summer savory, but definitely, it's not and it has a different shape, scent. It is grows crawling rather than standing up as Rosemary does. The leaves are rather small, Rosemary ...
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Do herbs & spices need dark time, in order to develop flavors and nutrients?

When you grow cannabis indoor, it is considered beneficial, to have lights turned on up to 24h / day, during the "grow" phase. While this would prevent blooming, it is beneficial for building plant ...
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Are there mulling spices that can be grown in zone 5 northern USA?

I'm a fan of mulling spices used in wine and cider, but I can't think of any similar fragrant plants that grow in my neck of the woods. Mulling spices I'm thinking of are allspice, clove, cinnamon, ...
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Can ginger grown in a garden landscape be used as an edible spice?

Can flowering gingers like White Butterfly (hedychium) be eaten? The rhizomes look and smell exactly like the ginger in grocery stores.
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When and how should I harvest galangal?

I was given some galangal a couple of years ago, which is now thriving in my garden. Is there a best time/season to harvest galangal, and can one just retrieve a small portion of the rhizome as ...
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How do I cultivate ginger from a piece of root?

A month back, I planted a small portion of Ginger root in a pot and watered it moderately every day. Seeing no results so far, today I cleared the pot and saw that Ginger root had started to decompose ...
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