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Questions tagged [soil-test]

Tests for various soil characteristics including nutritional and contaminant content.

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Acidic soil containing chalk?

I’ve recently bought a property in a ‘dry chalk valley’. It’s an old barn with a paddock out the back. I bought an electronic soil pH meter (two prongs with an analog dial meter) and followed the ...
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Testing Soil with rapid-test by luster leaf

For Christmas I got one of those small kits that test the soil using a chemical enclosed in capsules. The one I got does Ph, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. And today I gave it a spin, and this is ...
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How to grow a grafted avocado in bad soil?

I live in St.Croix and want to plant into the ground a grafted avocado tree that is 2'ft (60 cm) high. I live close to the ocean. I see lots of mango trees in the neighborhood, but few if any ...
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What is the proper mowing height for a turf lawn in Northern Illinois to crowd out weeds?

first-time poster in need of help. This and last year I've taken the approach of crowding out weeds and pulling by hand instead of using weed killers. This is partially because we have a dog that ...
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Interpreting soil test instructions

I tested my vegetable garden soil with a lusterleaf rapitest Soil Test Kit. My soil test came back as depleted for nitrogen and phosphorous, and adequate for potash. This is the section of the test ...
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how to obtain information on fertilizer amount per volume

Very simple question but hour long search with no answer. Concentration of fertilizer is relation ship of amount of fertilizer (either mass or molar) with volume, NOT with area, yet all fertilizers ...
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Mamey seedling showing deficiencies that I couldn't fix

I already lost one seedling in the same manner, leaves get yellow spots then the edges shrivel and the whole leaf dies and falls. My soil test shows issues with micros obviously, I get very bright sun ...
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