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Questions tagged [sod]

Harvested grass, rolled up for distribution and laying elsewhere. Use this tag with questions about how to lay sod or how to tend freshly layed sod. For established garden or yard grass use the [lawn] tag.

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Is it OK to put sod on top of gravel?

I have a small area (approx 400 sqft) near the pool where I'm looking to put down sod. I ordered the sod to be delivered today. Yesterday I used a mini tiller to loosen the dirt. I found that under ...
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Prepration when replacing lawn with new variety of grass

I'm in Southern California. I'll be re-sodding a lawn that was/is primarily crab grass with either a fescue or Bermuda grass. The current lawn has been dying due to lack of water. After I have this ...
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How important is it to till before sod installation?

I got a few quotes for installing zoysia sod. All of them are in the range of about $5000 bucks. The difference is in the amount of pallets offered by each group: Spotfill About 75% of the yard. ...
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SC Red Clay New lawn

We have a new house that fescue sod was put down in the front. We live in a clay area in SC and looking to finish the back yard and sides. What would be the best grass to use and when to seed. We are ...
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Will the new soil hill in our backyard cause water damage to our neighbor’s house below us?

In order to maximize the amount of play space in our backyard, we recently had many yards of soil brought in. We live on a slope. Our neighbors home behind our backyard is about 3 feet below our ...
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Can I lay geotextile sheeting beneath new grass?

We have an area of ground that was a thick mix of overgrown weeds and plants. We would like to turf this area. We have turned over the soil and taken out some of the roots but there are still a lot of ...
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