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Water precipitation in the form of clumps of small ice crystals.

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What is the 90% confidence last hail date for Denver, Colorado?

There have been large hailstones in the city of Denver, Colorado every Spring of each year for more than 30 years. My father and I always used the last frost date to decide when to plant my tomatos, ...
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When is it safe to plant vegtables outside in Denver, Colorado?

When is the last frost in Denver, Colorado? Officially, March 20th is the last day of winter, but when is it safe to plant seeds or seedling in Denver, Colorado (in terms of snow or freeing ...
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Help lawn recover from yearly plowing/snow fall

During the winter (zone 5) we have a plow truck push snow off our driveway onto the yard. Due to the amount of possible snow we can get in a year they usually leave push back 10' from the driveway's ...
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Protecting a pineapple plant from snow?

In Jerusalem we have warm enough weather to grow pineapples, with plenty of sunshine and sunny days. But every few years it will snow, and everything will get covered in a dusting of snow for about a ...
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Do I need to cover freshly planted strawberries to protect against frost when it is snowing?

I planted strawberries in a small raised bed this weekend, it is now snowing. Do I need to cover my strawberries to protect them from frost or will the snow provide that protection?
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What should I consider when planting fruit trees in a windy field?

I'm working with my campus garden and we're thinking of putting fruit trees next to our garden as an excellent addition to our repertoire of fruits and vegetables. However, as the garden is in Buffalo ...
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A mower that's also capable of pushing snow

This is a follow up to my question purely about lawn mowers. We are short of space so having a lawn mower in addition to a snowblower is going to be a chore. Is there a two-in-one device that has ...
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Is there any way to prevent vole lawn-destruction during snow-cover?

The open area behind our back fence is home to hundreds of voles. The hills look like this: During the summer, I can successfully restrict their intrusion into my yard by putting poison into the ...
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